Sommerparty 2023

Live @ Sommerparty 2023

We will play on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Club MetalBattalion Donsbach at the Sommerparty in Donsbach on…
Overthewall interview

Overthewall interview

Below are the date, time and links to the radio stations where you can listen to the Overthewall programme, for…
Broadcasting on Metal-O-Mania show

Broadcasting on Metal-O-Mania

Thanks to Chris Grant “The Crypt” for broadcasting our video of Doors of Perception in the U.S. METAL-O-MANIA Show.
Unboxing Cryogenesis

Cryogenesys unboxing video

Unboxing of the digipack CD of the new album Cryogenesis released on 28 April via Punishment 18 Records. Cover artwork…
Extinction - Cryogenesis - 2023

Cryogenesis out now!

Cryogenesis, the new album by Extinction, is available now distributed by Punishment 18 Records and on major digital stores. 10…
Live at Peocho

Live @ Peocho

We are pleased to announce our release to present our new album Cryogenesys! We will play on Friday 28 April…
new guitarist

New guitarist

We are happy to announce that we are back as a quintet thanks to the new guitarist Jean Edifizi! He…

New drummer

We are pleased to introduce Diego Sorg Krig as the new EXTINCTION drummer, as well as the drummer for the…

Line up changes

After four years, our bassist Marco Vicenza has decided to leave EXTINCTION and to take new paths. We thank him…

Bomb News!

Finally we are pleased to present Howling SStar (AKA Filippo Collaro) as the new singer of EXTINCTION !!! Howling SStar,…